Man, i want to get away

I want to fly somewhere and go on a trip, i’m fed up :frowning:

I havent been on a proper holiday for a few years now apart from a bit of camping,

I might just go somewhere, my gf has little money and i dont really want to pay for her bc my ex and i use to share the cost of big things like that, my current gf has dyscalculia as well her dad is in charge of her money :confused:


You made me think of this song.


I know what you mean, @Resilient1 . One day, last year I simply booked a holiday in Italy. I had gotten so bored of hanging around at home.

I was absolutely terrified of going there on my own, as my grasp of the Italian language wasn’t very good. But, I absolutely loved the holiday. I had a great time. I did it so spontaneously that I thought “something is going to go wrong”, but it didn’t and it was wonderful.


I randomly drove to Arizona, USA, a few weeks ago. Just to get away. It was a nice break from the monotony.

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There was light show on the cacti and succulents. It was so cool.


wow, did you go on your own then? thats quite a feat

idk if i could do that

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