Man I have expensive taste 🫣

They have this limited edition Dune watch

Very expensive

Really want to get one

They have only made 2/3k units

So f’ing cool

Wish FB stopped trying to tempt me!



Sometimes watches are good investments.

I bought an Omega watch in Geneva when I was working there. Sold it last year for close to the same price that I purchased it and got to enjoy it for 14 years.

But I’m not an expert on the Dune watches economics.


I collect film memorabilia

Don’t have anything worth loads of money but I like it


Thos watches are dope but how could you realistically afford such a thing? The cheaper one is like a new flagship phone

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I know right!

Every time I scroll on Facebook it comes up half a dozen times

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I get constant adds on FB to participate in sz research. Starting to annoy me!

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I have a vpn now so at least they only have the data from using their app

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Would you participate in SZ research @Jonathan2 ?

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I have in the past and I hated it!

I had to discuss in groups themes regarding sz and didn’t like opening up to total strangers.

This research is to try meds for cognitive impairment related to sz. They don’t pay you. Just give you vouchers for a dozen of meetings between 1 and 8 hours a piece.

No thank you!

I’ve also participated in rTMS research for sz. When I got dizzy because of the treatment they just dumped me and told me to see my GP!

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I’ve never had much of a buyer’s impulse. It’s surprising how the world managed to build our whole society around something I’m basically missing. I don’t even know what’s socially accepted here, is pity an okay emotion or am I meant to share in the enthusiasm or God knows what? Either way I guess I envy you because it looks very human and seems motivating in a weird way, but at the same time I pity you because wanting things is generally a good way to end up unfulfilled, especially when you start to get into expensive things.

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There is nothing to pity here

Note I have no intention to buy it!

My husband had expensive taste once but he was also a chronic gambler so you can guess how that turned out lol

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I am as frugal as I can be

The only things I spend on what I shouldn’t really is Apple devices and an annual holiday with family

Have noticed my old spending rule does not work now

When I got a better job I kept my spending as if I was on a much lesser salary

It built up after a while

My reserves are not what they once were since I moved last year

But money does not seem to go as far now, so less of a safety net if anything were to go wrong!

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How did he stop gambling?

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I have a taste for high quality stuff… Most of what I buy is purely about function tho… Don’t like things just because of the hype or price… it’s all about utility for me :grimacing:

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You are a man of exceptional taste, @Joker.


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Some watches are universal currency.


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