Man I hate being around drunk people

If you are sober and they are really drunk it’s just a nightmare. Completely different states of mind.


I ended up in a bar one night and I don’t drink. It was bizarre seeing the state of everyone late at night. Different planet.

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A family member just got real drunk. I made my excuses and left. Not gonna sit through that ■■■■

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Sometimes I go to nightclubs and see many drunk people. They are not hospitalized for it by the way.

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any time I had been drinking, I never got way out there

I’m a seasoned alcoholic and handle my beer.

Phil on the other hand, gets really weird.

but I’ve got 30 pounds on him.

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I tried to explain to him he was tired (which he was) and maybe he should stop drinking. He got a bit huffy - like drunk people do.

Anyway ■■■■ it. Am back at my house now!


i hate it.
i always end up kind of feeling sorry for them, or disgusted, or angry,
it’s pitiful.
or contemptful, and i don’t like feeling that way,
it’s not a nice thing…
i’m usually a nice person but being sober around alcoholics brings out the worst.

I never liked being the sober one around people who were drinking. I always used that as an excuse for me to drink, too.

I’ve always hated going to clubs or bars.


Alcohol takes you in a state of psychosis. But the difference to sz you sober up.

I don’t spend anytime around drinkers anymore, can’t stand the drama

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I used to get insanely drunk and ruin people’s evenings. It’s been almost two years since I last drank.

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