Man I don’t like the ‘choking’ that goes in pornvids

On legit non extreme sites like pornhub. Makes me really uncomfortable.

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I don’t like the slapping either

And spitting? If I remember correctly

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It just seems so disrespectful. It’s nothing like bondage because in those vids there is a lot of care and understanding of vulnerability.

I just think anyone who needs choking and slapping to get off needs to look at themselves. IMO


One time I pushed the “safe guard off” button, and things got really kinky real fast. I was glad to get that stuff off my computer. They say the women’s movement is divided down the middle about pornography. I’ve read books from both sides.

It Doesn’t Make Sense to Me Either…,

I Would LOVE IT, I’m Talking Be in Deep Love If (!!!),

Every Porn Site, Every Video, And All Explicit Sexual Material Was Wiped Off The Face of The Earth…,

Maybe People Will Actually Go Outside…,

To Do What Exactly, I Dunno…,

Maybe No One Knows,

And That’s What Everyone is Afraid of… . …

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Some people are into it. Just find the porn that you’re into. There are a lot of options.


Yeah, it’s weird. It’s a power thing. I don’t get the slaps or spitting either.

Of course I wouldn’t know about these things because I don’t ever watch porn.

I don’t get deep throating either.


I warned you about reading the comment below, if you do and get disgusted/offended, it’s not my fault

I’m sorry to say this, I actually enjoy watching stuff like that and the more ‘rougher’ stuff as well. I dont know why.

Sounds like some lame ass bondage.
I like breath play. It’s not that extreme.


I had to Google this,

Was not disappointed.

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I like to be moderately choked, if that’s a thing, if hubby wasn’t comfortable it would just be me holding my breath basically. And I can tap his hand and he let’s go, but I’m not thinking choking like what’s being talked about in the original post. I also have a kink about being bit, but since having kids and not being teens anymore there’s no “evidence” of blood above covered clothing. Everybody has their thing, as long as it’s completely consensual and not forced upon or threatened in a abusive way. Go for it.


It’s not really choking. Its pushing on veins to reduce blood flow which feels good. I’m into it lol no shame.


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Have you seen basic instinct? She likes to choke. Wasn’t into that.

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I’m not familiar with video porn, but can you filter out tags? Like they tag “choking” and you can search only for videos without that tag? That’s how the written stuff works.

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I have no idea what’s going on here? lol

I think Mini-Me is walking his dog.