Mammograms Should Be Scheduled Before COVID-19 Vaccine or 4 to 6 Weeks After, Experts Say

This was being discussed on the evening news tonight.

The Society for Breast Imaging (SBI) is recommending that women schedule their annual mammogram before they get the COVID-19 vaccine or delay screening until four to six weeks after receiving the vaccine.

The recommendation comes after increasing reports of a side effect following receiving the COVID-19 vaccine: swollen, abnormal-appearing lymph nodes in the armpit on the same side as where COVID-19 vaccines were administered.

Swollen lymph nodes under the arm, also known as axillary adenopathy, are not an uncommon side effect of receiving a vaccine. They’re temporary and are actually a good sign as far as immunity goes.

“In stimulating the immune system, vaccines will sometimes cause the lymph nodes because they are a critical part of that system,” says Deanna Attai, MD, a breast surgeon at UCLA Health.

But they can complicate the reading of a mammogram, say experts. Or worse, raise suspicion of a cancer that isn’t there.


Oh dear. Do I book it before or after the prostate exam?

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Thank you, @Moonbeam

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