I’m sure some people do it. But I think it’s not too common. Some people just want an easy buck and some sympathy.


From what I read, it’s often schizophrenia, ocd, adhd, and MDD, and often to get something in return. Out of work, out of prison time, better prison conditions, money, sympathy, drugs.

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Pdocs know to look out for this. They have a way of asking questions and you may not even realize what they are doing. If you are on some form of government disability aid they wouldn’t have supported you. But I hear ya about obsessive thoughts. We’ll make it.

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She refuses to sign anything for government assistance, I’m not on it, my family supports me. I don’t know if I could get assistance, don’t know if I’m qualified. If I’m even sick and should try.

I don’t know if I’m able to work. Last time I did I lost insight due to the stress and thought the angel of death was talking to me. I’d lost insight and ended up on the ward after punching a mirror, going to the ER and getting evaluated.

She just asks me “do you think you can work?” And I tell her I don’t know. That’s as far as it went when I did ask her about it.

The only thing I think I want is some peace from the voices, the confusion, and thinking I’m an angel in training. But again, that could all be a lie.

I need to ask her if I’m faking it, she should know better than I do

The whole thing about “being an angel in training” is all about, IMO, pragmatism, being non-judgmental, moral (hard to do that while being non-judgmental though) and not thinking too hard.

You can do that without voices.

Like, the voices don’t provide you with more information than you already have in your head. Try not to be attached to them!

Good luck in your recovery though.

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As in a form of self enbetterment? I think everyone should constantly strive to better themselves, make the world brighter.

Difference I hear them, I think.

What if I’m faking the voices too?

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I feel like I’m just cycling back on my points. Maybe to my own detriment.

Thank you all for putting up with my ramblings

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Most of us crave self-improvement, and the voices could just be a conscious manifestation of that desire, but one that is brought about through an imbalance that can’t be simply willed away.

I wasn’t faking my voices, I just had to science my way out of hearing them.

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You should tell your dr that you can’t work if you want disability. Telling them idk doesn’t help anyone. If your hearing voices and have negative symptoms too I don’t see how you can work. Not being on disability when you deserve it is a waste


Yeah, you should definitely go on disability while you gain your footing.

Being mentally ill in and of itself is like full time work!

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Things like my lack of any motivation, my inability to cook for myself, hygiene is crap, I don’t shower unless told to, I’ve no desire.

When the episodes get bad enough, I have to physically push myself to be able to speak over the voices.

That kind of stuff? Yeah she knows about it

Sometimes when I have a good day, I’m able to do some dishes or laundry to help out.

Just say that you’ve realized that you can’t work, that you can’t take care of yourself without help, and you can barely leave the house. I’m lucky that I get out of bed, though meds help. The farthest I travel is to my computer, to my dr, and to the grocery store when absolutely necessary.

Does any of this match up with your situation?


Yeah, I hardly leave the house too

See how can you work? Those are basically the questions on the disability questionare and you just passed for disability

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Any hospitalizations to list?

Thanks for believing me. And your input.

If she ever returns my call and I can see her, I’ve got a lot of questions for her.

I should write them down.

@anon47167357 had a good idea. even when I have voices, tell them they’re telling me to kill myself, she tells me “you’re stable”. maybe that’s messing with me, I don’t feel all that stable

Your stable just means she doesn’t want to change your meds. We’re not stable even when we think we are


One, last big break, they kept me for a while, involuntary.

My breaks normally consist of me retreating and hiding from the world for a while, afraid to come out into the world.

I managed to stay out of the hospital for many years.

I thought I was psychic for many years

Well I was in the hospital 5 times in 5 years so that helps but once plus the meds your on is enough to prove your condition

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nods the meds do help, loudness, how often I get them badly, how powerful they are over me. I truly feel like life is better on antipsychotics.

Do you think she would be allowing me to be on meds if she knew I was faking?

Ps. That’s probably a question for her