Making up words that rhyme

In the mean time I rhyme with the green slime keeping time like a tart lime. Let the sunshine inflectually intellectually in the bifectualy. Not trying introspectually let the words flow dicrectually. All is good in the stectual but not in the flocktomitry. Not making sense like biloctosomy it is my philosophy for the stostocity. Dreaming of clostricity keeping it stinstinktivly with the dicotomy of the trejectory. Down with the beat makes me streakafect with the affect of the dialect which injects the phlematobect. Trying to freestyle all the while my thoughts stockpile and take a while until it stilifies. This implies I got stiekly eyes with the vision of infision which makes a incision in my decision. And it dont stop until the thoughts blocked with the hippity hop to flock flock. I try not to mock but the thoughts rock will they ever stop like a choo choo train. Dont strain the brain it is so plain that to sustain will be quite plain. I dont know what Im saying but let the thoughts playing like a fray laying in a sistaying. The source is plain to see that phlictetctomy is inspiring me to flow intrinsicly like a goobly cob fredectomy…

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