Making out my grocery list for friday

Friday I will finally get to go to the store even though we have been eating like kings…country style pork ribs and hamburgers !! The dogs are in Heaven…haha


Me too for next week.

I’m going grocery shopping tomorrow. Have to make my list tonight

We are needing dairy, fruit, and veg!

I’m Going Shopping For The Moon’s Flag.

Which Is The United States Of America Flag.

Hopefully It’s Still There. (I Think It Was Planted In The 60’s).

I Could Be Wrong. Although Woodstock Was In The Loop Somehow. I Could Be Wrong Though.

Point Is,

I Am Shopping For It With A Spaceship I Built Yesterday. Out Of Paper.

It’s Not A Paper Plane. it’s An Alien Paper Spaceship. (Kinda Like Origami).

I Am Still Not Sure How I Am Going To Be Able To Fly It. Since it’s The Size Of My Palm.

It’s Advanced Engineering Most Wouldn’t Understand My Magical Powers.

N e Hoo.

As A Magician i Want A Moon Flag.

It’s A Small List. . . . . . .


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I’m picking up an order on Thursday but it is almost all toiletries and household stuff. Not much for food.

My freezer is full. I’m sure some of it has gone bad. I need to check my grocery lists more carefully.

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