Making my way back

I somehow lost the link for this website and lost touch. I didn’t recall my username or password but was able to sign in via Google. The site looks great…I need to begin to reacquaint myself with all of you and also learn how to use the site.

I’ve been okay. Had a psych admission for two weeks in July. Since then have just been dealing with the physical illnesses and pain that I have…Other than that not much is happening in my life. I’ve picked up knitting again after a lot of years of not knitting. I made some of my Christmas gifts.

I did not decorate this year for Christmas. Not able to use that much of my energy to put it out and then put it away. But Christmas is about more than Christmas decorations.

I look forward to getting in touch again .


Glad you made it to “the other side”. I’m still looking at the xmas stuff sitting in the boxes…seems like to much trouble decorating also.