Making my own coffee vs going to the cafe

I go to the café at the bottom of my road several times a day, primarily to get me out of the house and relax. It is also social as I am on good terms with the family that owns it and often meet people from my neighbourhood who also frequent it.

However, with money being so tight at the moment, I am thinking that I should make my own coffee at home, which would be much cheaper.

Coffee is a medication for me, primarily for my ADHD, and I really do need several cups a day, even before I go to bed, sometimes.

I’m going to try and make coffee at home this week to save money, hopefully the café owner will allow me to sit in the café and drink tap water from time to time, so that I can still have an excuse to get out of the house. He is a good friend.

Thank you.


I make coffee at home always, it is so much cheaper than going to a café. I usually have 4 cups of coffee each morning. Sometimes I have coffee also in the afternoon.


I make my coffee at home. I buy some nice creamer, they come in all different flavors, and they are delicious!

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I think rather than drink tap water in the café, which I could only do once or twice realistically without buying anything, I’m going to see if I can volunteer to make the coffee for the customers as a way of getting me out of the house. When I used to work in a café in the woods, there was a very spiritual guy who used to turn up when ever he felt the urge and just help out with the dishes and the like. He actually got paid, though much less than us, but the point is, he wasn’t directly employed, he just used to turn up as an extra. I’d like to do that. That way there would be no danger of me causing them problems if I relapse.


That’s a good idea. Sounds like it would be fun, too!

I like going to Starbucks or Peet’s coffee.

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