Making major changes

I feel up to making major changes in my life. I have to think this through some more but I hope to move to nyc in under one year.

I am pretty excited about it. there are such wonderful opportunities out there for so many people and I want to be one of them.

there’s nothing for me here, not jobwise or anything else.

I have a job but it stinks to high heaven.

looking for better… elsewhere…



Best of luck @ifeelblessed

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Oh yes do it Judy. Just make goals that are attainable and track your progress. Life is too short to be miserable. Best wishes.

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thanks soitgoes. best of luck to you in your life as well. judy :heart_eyes:

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good luck. I’ve heard new york is dirty and expensive. I haven’t visited yet, maybe in a month for a three day vacation.

good on you :heart:
take care :alien:

nyc is dirty and expensive. but I am thinking that possibly the freedom would be worth the expense (if I can find a situation that is do-able.)

I am thinking this way and that way. maybe something good will come from all this trying to better my situation.

I believe in trying.


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