Making Furniture!

So this year I’m setting aside time in my day to do hobby stuff. I have a desk but I’ve invested in an air brush for my modelling efforts and I need some more bench space. Today I made an addition to my desk…It needs a couple of shims to be totally the same level but it’s not bad for a quick project. Lots more bench space and should be sweet when leveled and with a coat of paint!


Looking good. That’s pretty cool


Nice work! :sunglasses:


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That’s cool doing a project like that!

Over the holidays I got some new furniture, but it was all flat pack!

Did built a desk in my kitchen, and I use that all the time for my laptop

Have you got any of your warhammer on display you can share pics of?

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looks very nice =)

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Hey @Joker I’ll put up some pics when I get something painted. Investing in an airbrush and putting aside time everyday to do something hobby related so I’m getting there. I will share when I’ve something worth sharing! :slight_smile:

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That’ll be cool. When I was growing up I knew a couple of people into Warhammer and they loved it.

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