Making do with what you got

most of the things that we take for granted is probably the next thing you’ll be messing with today like having leftover, leftover, leftovers or third generation hand me downs, but some of the things in life like your fathers old tool set or your mothers bake ware dishes you might cherish for a lifetime but what of those new things that you found to make due with?

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i need to make do with my head

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the only thing i have from one of my grandmas is a tweety shirt that says new York on it and picture of her and one of my aunts that died from ovarian cancer. i feel terrible i wasn’t there for her. my mom promised me one of her rings but according to my brother i am not getting it as long as i stay with my partner.

About a year and a half ago, I was penniless and wearing clothing from the clothing bank. My only money was food stamps. I had to make due. I struggled when I was a kid too, making due.
I am very blessed that I got on Social Security last August. Now I have a cheap little car and some new clothes. It feels so good to have theses simple things. I am still making due but not as dirt poor as I was.

My mom has been giving me quite a few things she doesn’t use anymore, and it’s great to be handed down the things that have been in the family. That stuff means more to me than anything new ever could.