Making do of the social abilities do you have

do you get out and visit with people do you meet somebody new everydaydo you go out of your way to say please and thank youmy wife I have a lot of Sponge heads these are people that are always asking for something or wanting companionship in some form or way to know that there are accepted in society however it is a burden to me because of the income the finances and the emotional strain it puts on me even though I socialize with them I have to keep stirring rulesand be courteous and friendly at the same timedo you find yourself catering to more than just family

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i used to have a toxic friend who always put me down and drained me of positivity. i cut off all ties with her and now my life is so much better. i don’t dread the phone ringing or a knock at the door. she made my life hell for years and i put up with it bcoz she’s in a wheelchair. when my husband died it was like she was the grieving widow and not me. my kids soon came to dislike her and the final straw came when on my late husband’s birthday she pitched a fit because the kids wanted it to b just them and i for his special day. that wa it for me. no one puts themselves b4 my kids. i haven’t spoken to her since. she didn’t even understand that she’d done anything wrong. it was awful. other than that i have some good friends on facebook that i talk to daily and some of my neighbours r nice too. xxx

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I think one of the things that kept me from isolating completely during my onset is the fact that I have a large family. I lived at home for a while and my 4 other siblings have friends too… those friends would come over some times. My Aunt’s and Uncle’s came over and so there were cousins all over the place.

It’s hard to isolate in a packed house.

ive never worked out what to say after hello but i manage that just let it be awkward better than being at a strangers mercy.

hahaha spoken like the dali lahmer pahahaha