Making decisions on what to wear or how to dress

I find myself spending most of my time in blue jeans and a t-shirtrather than to go to the expense of wearing something casual or dressed upmost of us would prefer to wear sweats or pajamasI’m practically never leave the housebut in my lifestyle it ain’t helping sistermy question is for you all is it easier to wear something in common li normal or to wear something you feel comfortable M or believe in

I have spent a lot of time thinking about that topic. People think i’m a lesbian just because I wear blue jeans, t shirts, sneakers. At home I dress in my white pajama bottoms with red cherries+ red t shirt, bare feet.

I need a “girly girl” wardrobe. :shirt:

My favorite things to wear

Me too. Mostly blue jeans and t-shirts but frequently short-sleeve button down shirts. Casual shoes. I own a LOT of nice clothes if I want to dress up for special occasions.

I used to wear blue jeans and a T-shirt at home. But my husband likes to see me dressed up. He doesn’t like women always in blue jeans. He said he didn’t like to see a woman always wearing tough clothes like blue jeans. So I now wear white jeans with stylish short sleeved shirts and sometimes a dress.

I’ve gained a ton of weight

so I have no care whatsoever what I wear

I rarely match I mostly clash
sometimes I wear the same clothes for a few days
if it is a special event i’ll try to dress nicely

I like to think when I lose the weight I will put some effort into my appearance

my parents had to threaten to ban me from my sisters wedding shower to get me to trim my facial hair (mole and weird hormonal beard I’ve got developing)

T-Shirts and sweatpants. I haven’t worn a suit in nearly thirty years.

I bought a pair of black steel-toed low cut boots for $2.50 at goodwill and wore them completely out wearing them every single day for 6 years. That and jeans and a T-shirt was all I ever wore.
My husband prefers girly shorts/skirts and nice tops and sandals, so at age 48, I bought my first girly clothes ever, including sandals?
It’s never too late to change style, but for me it just took someone to appreciate it.


I wear the same thing practically every week at work. Black Pants or brown pants and red or green or pink blouse. Off work, I wear blue jeans and t-shirts.

When I wasn’t doing well… I wore my p.j’s and bathrobe out all the time. It was comfee. Plus, I’d just be going back to bed, so why change? Then when I was getting a little better I would buy nice jammies and if I was going to be out late, I’d ware my jammies out so I’d be ready for bed when I got home.

Now… It’s jeans and a tee-shirt. Plus, I’m a gardener so I don’t have to dress up for my job. But if I’m having a bad day, I’ll still ware my jammies out. Funny thing is… if I go to the market late on a friday night… there are a lot of frat guys wearing their jammies out.

Hate it when my ideas get taken.

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Now that its winter, I am never out of my thermal spencer/vest and nightdress. I either throw on a dress or skirt and jersey over it to go out, or if I am not going out I don’t even bother to dress, I just stay in my nightdress and bathrobe all day. In summer I wear dresses or skirt and top. If I go out, winter or summer, I wear a headscarf or veil too, because I am a Muslim woman.

Now that its summer I wear more dresses because they are cooler, more comfortable, and make less laundry, and make me look more dressed up than I really feel. But usually it a t-shirt and jeans or PJ’s and sweats.