Making choices

Making choices can be hard.

It is almost two years since I experienced major psychotic episode. From day one though boom negative symptoms and cognition decline was so obvious to me.

Since I have been rescued by mother out of the street, i was bedridden and it was difficult to move my body as I intend, but in my mind I knew I had to find a way to heal and be strong to take the world again.

To me this is very important. It is live or die. The first choice is to live. I thought to myself if I smiled even one time, if I took a risk to move back to my country. Then it is worth it.

I studied into my illness, did therapy work, EMDR for trauma, exposed myself little by little to things I fear.

But now I have my own apartment leased under my own name. I come back home and I appreciate I am still alive and safe. I cry of joy and smile.

With my credit score and income rate, it is very difficult to get a place to live, but I know it is not impossible.

Make and a plan and believe it so you won’t lose tract when not feeling too well.

It takes time, yeah. It takes patience, yeah. Recovery.


Good for you @Abise.

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