Making choices (Poll)

Do you have problems picking choices/making decisions?

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  • No

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I found it even hard to make a choice with this poll


having a hard time with choices lately and just trying to determine if that is normal with symptoms of schizo-affective disorder/schizophrenia.

it is one of my worst problems.

So I just say 'just do it

Do what though…specifically speaking I’m working on a new outline for a story, but I can’t decide which program I like best. I have both Scrivener, and yWriter.

They each do things I like, and each do something the other doesn’t. I like the color codes in my scrivener and that it works like a cork-board editing, especially while I create my scenes, However it’s easier and slightly more organized in yWriter. They both have a word-count feature, but yWriter has it prominently displayed as to where Scrivener you have to click a separate button to pull that information up.

However that doesn’t really matter at this stage in my process as I’m only outlining and haven’t written actual content Each program has their pros. each program has their cons. and it’s pretty equal down the line so there is no real this one is better than the other…

@sohare1981 that sounds exciting that you are outlining even !! good for you !! I originally wrote my book on a word processor that I typed out the pages…took a bunch of inkloads to get it done…well, after that I realized I needed the book on computer disc to submit to my publishing company and had to retype the whole thing again !! later caused a panic attack but I overcame it eventually…mind over panic so to speak. anways, I’m proud of you !!

@jukebox, thanks for the encouragement. I’ve already outlined one story, and have written the first three chapters working on the fourth, but I also have this new idea in my head and thought I’d get a jump start on it. Never know might finish the original story and if I get lucky enough to sell it to a publishing company they may ask if I have anything else coming up and I can say yes, I’m working on a different story…actually. three stories swimming around in my head, but no where near my outlining phase of the third story.

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