Making accomplishments in spite of mental illness

One of the day treatment counselors asked us about our accomplishments in the past. I’d won 2 national art awards and maybe a dozen state art awards. I was accepted at an elite private school and college. I also attended speech and debate and overcame shyness. But it made me realize that I still have things I want to accomplish. My next big goal is to earn back the respect of my parents and my peers. I think my next goals are to make more friends, drive again, be more reliable, work up to (hopefully) 18 hours per week, be myself when it comes to my values and artistic goals, learn about my cousin’s cancer so I can have a more mature understanding, get back into the arts, and understand people better. Sometimes I want my parents, friends, extended family in China, support group peers, and even people on the street (lol, I’m vain) to know that I can do something for myself and be worthy of their respect. In the long term my goal is to have a relationship and eventually marry, but I’d like to work on myself first. I know I keep bringing up the same ■■■■ but I have tunnel vision sometimes lol and sometimes I need a place to hash out my goals. So far I’ve accomplished every goal I set out since my second episode including loosing weight, spending less, making more friends, getting rid of anxiety and finding more happiness. What were some of your accomplishments and what do you hope to accomplish next? How do you think you can earn the respect of those around you? Where do you plan to start? Maybe if you don’t have goals, what are some visions of things you’d like to have in the future like more dinners with family or a relationship or a degree or job or better finances? Sorry if this thread is overly optimistic. Today I’m feeling driven!


I’ve discussed something similar with my therapist, it’s about me wanting positive feedback on my work from my peers.

And it’s been stamped as bad motivation.
Apparently I use the need I have to help people as a way to get they’re positive feedback to validate me (or something like that)

Conclusion : Repsect and positive feedback should be a conscience of my good action not the motive to do them…

for me.idk about you


I guess it’s just the part of me that wants to overcome stigma and be treated as someone who can look after themselves and isn’t a mental cripple. My peers in support group are understanding towards me not working and in fact my parents probably just want me to be more responsible. I think I’ll end up being satisfied with whatever work I can accomplish. In fact only one friend wants me to work (really badly) and acts like nothing else is important. I need to hang around this friend less because she’s driving me crazy!!!

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i go in spurts with my goals. Most i accomplished before my diagnosis. I did earn my degree after my diagnosis but I’ve gone through a lot sense than.

I agree with crocodal. I’ve had the same issue with wanting respect as a motivator for goals and not a nice pleasant side effect.

At the same time goals are beneficial. They keep you busy and can be a positive thing. Sometimes when i feel really negative or people try to make me feel bad about myself. . working on a goal helps.

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i like this thread thanks tukey.

i’d like to get ahead with my music practice (piano and violin). I’d also like to get back into reading novels and other things that interest me. other smaller hobbies such as hook rug sewing etc. i’d like to do too.

as far as socially, i never had a time when i was dating. i’d like to meet some nice man and date and possibly find the right one to marry.

i also need unfortunately to lose around 50 lbs to be at my optimum weight.

i am glad you are driven today tukey. its great.

judy :heart_eyes::star_struck::kissing_heart:


Hello @tukey.
I am glad that you had achievements, but my tip is to try to steer your psyche into future feats.
Looking at the past is counterproductive.
I am glad that you feel driven.

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