Making a phone call

Making a phone call for some infomation is scary to me because I can’t come up with the right sentences for a question, you never know who’s gonna answer and how they’ll react, and you can’t see the other’s face.

So before I make a phone call, I jot down what I want to ask, but the more I think about it the more anxious I get. Then I feel panic on the phone so I always procrastinate when I have to make a phone call.

Any advice?

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I advise you practice using the phone with folks to whom it is easy to talk.



Get right to the point, of what you want that is…don’t use a thousand words when two will suffice.
I just hate to use the phone for any reason, and I have also had to answer the phone for businesses as well.
At the risk of sounding abrupt on the phone, the best for both people is if you state what you want first, then if needed, tell them what you need them to do to get what you called for.


I always plan out what I’m going to say in my mind before I make a phone call. I am more worried about what I’M going to say rather than the other person. I keep it simple and direct.

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Write down word for word exactly what you want to say. You might just need to glance at it. Be prepare to read it if you need to.

Yeah, that’s a good idea by pob. I’ve done that more than a few times and it worked. If you are going to call Social Security or NAMI it’s a good idea. If you are going to order a pizza or call the drug store to see if ONE prescription is filled I would say you can handle a cold call.

My brother’s a Dr and he uses this system. Who cares what you sound like - except maybe the pizza guy - you get the info you need.

I probably sound retarded to half the people I talk to on the phone. I have issues coming up with the right words for things and so I pause a lot and kinda trail of into odd statements (probably SZ related but whatever). Then I get thought blocked and drop the topic entirely.

It’s the main reason I prefer texting, I can alter what I say before others read it. Can’t do that on the phone or in person. It used to bother me, now I’ve made a fool of myself enough times that I’m starting to get more relaxed/calm about talking to people. Though whether I pickup the phone for any reason is still heavily reliant on my mood.

I have a very real problem with the phone. I don’t like answering it or using it. But it looks like I’m going to have to get a cell phone soon. I don’t want to, but it might help with some situations.

I really hate telephones. They are intruding.

I’m ok to talk on the phone with a friend, but am terrible at asking questions to a stranger over the phone. I guess I believe that I “should” get my point across in less than 10 seconds. Don’t know why.

I do write down what I’m gonna say, but it won’t work after a conversation started. I don’t know where the conversation might go beforehand. I cannot be spontaneous on the phone.

You know what nearly did me in not too long ago, calling the cable company.

My sis can do it. I gave it a try.

"please press 1, press 1 again, now enter your account number and state your address, now state you account number please press one, this call is being monitored, what city are you in, please press 2. Please press 1, please enter your zip, please press 5… "

It really got to me and I couldn’t take it. I had to hang up and ask my sis to do it.

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Ditto! I wait until the last possible minute to book appointments.

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I don’t know if this will help but it helps me to think this way. It doesn’t matter how much I mess up or stumble over my words or blush or get sweaty palms etc, the person that I’m talking to can not see me. What a relief that is. It takes off so much of the pressure. If you are worried about how much polite conversation to start with, I usually just start with “Hi, I’m hoping you can help me.”