Make pixel laugh round 3!

So once again welcome…

3rd attempt at making @velociraptor laugh…
Todays fabulous prize…drum roll

A chance to pick pixels new avatar…of course i didnt check first but no one ever wins so ■■■■ it…and a sexy photo shoot with pixel …yea clapping everybodys happy

Ok ill start

How many dirty stinking apes does it take to change a lightbulb?

20…2 to change the lightbulb…and 37 to throw poop at each other…


How many apathys does it take to change a light bulb?

Answer: He’s not even apathetic…


Also this is what i would pick if i won…

looks like a photoshopped @Minnii


Poorly done but funny…

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TCM2 quotes usually work.

TCM2? What is that?

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I dont know if this is funny enough but surely it is very informative with hilarious ending.

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Possibly this?


Lick my plate you dog dick!

I googled it.


Why did the @velociraptor cross the road?

To make really, really funny and wise-ass comments on the other side of the road about people who post about religion.


Lol…i can testify to the truth of this funny statement…

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Why is pixel coming back?
He forgot to lock the thread. ((:


The day was off and running
And pixel said there’s the cookies thief

It was the day the Lord had made
And no one can get away with that

Then we all read Dickinson
Not a crumb for me

There was a giant computer in my head
And pixel said

I’m going to have to screen this

But I had found my type on the keyboard
Though I knew not the spell

It was 50 mph down the super highway

Pixel plugged everything into this outlet
and then thought how many power strips does it take

then I tripped and fell and broke my mind

Pixel said it takes a lot of energy to keep things going
so he borrowed some from his tech room

by swallowing his tablets at night

So did I win?

I want pixel avatar to be some Kung fo guy.

Did you know the guy who played Mr. Miagie
He didn’t even know karate?

It’s OK I don’t know how to write.

Let’s be born again with nothing.

Hey @Daze did you see @velociraptor 's new avatar? It’s Mr. Miyagi from The Karate :smile:

Is it too late? I spent way too much time contemplating and drawing this Canadian masterpiece [credit me, HQuinn]:

Backstory: I read on the internet that Canadians will apologize for everything, no matter how small. There’s this buzzfeed Canada news outlet and I subscribed. Now I get funny Canadian memes and a lot of them have to do with how often Canadians apologize. So, I came up with this comic and included partial lyrics with musical notes from the national Canadian anthem.

Even if @velociraptor doesn’t find it funny, I spent nearly an hour coming up with this so I’m just throwing that up there for record’s sake. 1 hr.