Make it happen yea made it happen

Another victory. I denied a cigarette that was offered. by my grandmother. I told her that I’m ok but she kinda read my mind before I said anything.(telepathy)Yes I want to smoke that square but I can’t because tomorrow will be a repeat. I have to stay straight. I. Don’t believe in what if and I can’t . Yes there is a spiritual warfare but they don’t know what I’m doing. What I’m capable of. What I been through. Trust nobody ( and Mr voice has been m.I.a because I have been busy all day. . The only drugs I’ll be off of is love lol …yea love, dopamine,endorphins, serotonin, dmt . Guess who’s my plug/ connect though? Lil neurotransmitter
Always.strive.and .prosper~a.s.a.p

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Way to go! There are other people on this site who are trying to quit. Maybe you could get with them and give each other support.

Good siht i tried and failed recently just stay busy and positive your mind is powerful flex it and you will be suprised what yoh can do.

Oh also i read your send me a book post but im in a hurry…google sacredtext its a website has a bunch of ancient books if that interest you…i read about the mayans and a book on a famous witch trial. Its a good site.

Thanks that’s my type too . All that weird stuff is just my type

Thanks. I will collaborate. I have a question… How many posts should I limit myself too on here. I try to keep it to like two but sometimes I think that’s too much

I can’t really say. For a while I was responding to posts about six or seven times a session. No one complained, so I guess they didn’t mind. I’ve seen people who posted a lot and no one complained about that either. It got to the point where most people just skipped over their posts. That tends to happen. I don’t think anyone minds it, but after a while they might start to skip over what you post, depending on how interesting it is.

i reckon its just as fun to light a candle with scent or get a fire pit burn some wood its actually pretty fun to have the fire in your life without inhaling fumes. plus your lung chi increases thats the bomb :relaxed:

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