Make a most confusing sentence


Clock starts to rain on block opposite to a mushroom


I am such a good man I love him and he misses you too much to say that I am happy you to be happy with me


Predictive text babyyyyy


I don’t understand anything ha ha


I have sexual dysfunction for the first time in the world to see if you are interested in the position of the position and the position of the company and the company is a great company for a great price for the new year. Made with mobiles predictions.



haha no thats sad because I’m so happy :cry:


How’s this for incoherent? :wink:


The other day a monkey sat upon a pineapple creating a diversion for an army of chipmunks to invade the USSR while eating chocolate chip cookies.


make the monkey take the if you were doing it at the wheel you need not touch electricity to drive down a rabbit hole I wasn’t even on the ferris wheel.


The girls are going too much of an effort he’d be happy with how lucky I don’t know if you have any questions.


What is the difference between a duck?

One leg is both the same.


Makes perfect sense to me.


My doctor would call all of these “word salads” with light ranch dressing rooms filled with candy cottage cheese spread sandwich.


Fight for peace!


Finding, inside greatness, having two fights over rightness: placing each, another, carefully explained.


Potato salad and I was like a lot of people would like to hear your thoughts on the internet.


notice anything about the sentence i wrote, previously??.. (=


Creativity can get geeky in evil hands. Ya heard right!


if you were responding to me, ranjeeth, its awesome that you understood the sentence i made in your own way, but… what i wanted others to notice is part of how i chose to make it… take a look at who i was responding to and their message’s similarities to mine…