Maintaining relationships and post-diagnosis isolation

i’m 31-years-old and approaching the one year anniversary of my sza diagnosis. i’ve been reflecting on how – over the course of the past year – i’ve been reluctant to catch-up with friends. my life was completely derailed by psychosis and it’s painful to talk about. i’m an artist, and used to have an exciting career working in theatre and writing for television. i feel like everything was taken away.

since psychosis, my diagnosis and subsequent healing journey are the predominant events of my life. for the time being, i don’t feel like i have much else to talk about. yet, i want to avoid constantly recounting my experience of psychosis, hospitalization, and recovery, as it doesn’t feel good to continually recount traumatizing events (or sound like a broken record for those who are in-the-know).

for folks who can relate, especially those recently diagnosed, how do you navigate maintaining honest relationships with friends and family, without divulging too much or risking re-traumatization in how you share your life?


Hi @good_haiku I too was diagnosed a year and a half ago. My friend and family well I’ve tried to hide the affects from them to try and appear my normal, but it got to be a heavy burden so I finally opened up about it. I tend to avoid any social gatherings or situations because it’s still to hard for me.


thanks for your response, @Turtle41. i can relate to your experience of trying to appear “normal,” and what a heavy burden that is to bear. though difficult, opening up does seem to be the way forward. i, too, sometimes avoid social gatherings and situations for the reason you named.


My family never brings up my sz. They dont talk about it and I dont either.

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@onepercentoff, do you ever want to talk about it with them — or anyone, for that matter — or just let it be?

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I talk about it on here, but only sometimes my mom will vaguely refer to the way I used to be, sometimes to encourage me or to caution me. I dont ever feel the need to talk to them about it. I mainly use the forum just because Im bored.


i hear you. no one in my family brings up the way i used to be anymore, which i’m grateful for. but it sounds like your mom is a supportive person in your life. at least i hope that’s true. thanks for weighing in, @onepercentoff.

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