Mail is slow. Just got a Christmas card today

It’s been taking two weeks or longer for first class letters to come and go from Maryland where my sister and her family live. Just today, 1/12/2022, I received a Christmas card from my House Representative. I had supported him in the election. The Christmas card wasn’t post marked, so I don’t know how long it took.


It looks like I am the only one with slow mail? I’m in my 60’s and still correspond by the Post Office. Most on this forum are younger than me, so I guess letter writing, stamps, and envelopes are becoming a lost art.

For Millennials, writing a letter…licking the stamp…and putting it in the mailbox is considered…

A Triathlon!!


During the election, everyone was concerned with the mail. Hopefully something will be done about it before the 2022 elections. I just requested an absentee ballot for the 2021 school board election. I requested for all elections though, but as far as I know, it’s just the school election.

I guess Millennials wouldn’t like living in government subsidized housing, where you have to fill out paper applications, and provide paper bank statements, medical expenses, and proof of income.

My mail is taking a long time too. I’m in Michigan

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I’m in Arkansas.

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My partner sent out cards from that arrived last week.

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I still didn’t receive a package from China I ordered on 2 Dec. Tracking hasnt been updated since 2 Jan but it arrived in Canada and passed border indpection. It says the post received the item at an unexpected location. Idk what that means, I tried chatting with customer service, took a time to figure how to talk to a real person as it was a virtual/robot chat.

Anyways everytime I try to talk to a real person it says to wait in the queue of 50-60 person.
The phone is even worse. I gave up. I will just wait.

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Sorry to hear that Aziz.

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No, the mail ain’t 18 days late. They’re just 345 days early.