Magic, Schizophrenia, and Pills

I dont know if this will ever work out for me. I am trying to fit in/enrolled in classes again. I am realizing the entire class will be self-taught online. Ughhh…I feel more normal when I skip doses of Abiilfy. It seems to activate me moreso than anything else. It gives me sedative surreal dreams. It makes me less depressed and happy apathetic. But if i stopped taking it would maybe I learn to face my fears?

I will be trapped in a circle forever until I can change myself…on the flip side/whose to say I can’t be a spiritual person on psyche meds. People do entheogens and drugs they act cool but they’re taking drugs too to alter their mental states. So maybe I will try to find a supplement that chills me out better than the anti-psychotics. Ambien is great though I dont take it every night. That helped me lucid dream.

Edit: I will be continuing to take the meds everyday. Maybe switch to mornings.

I didn’t read your post but I need ambien!

haha ok. ambien works pretty well this is the first I’ve tried to take it.

You shouldn’t do that.


Yea it’s nothing against the post or you but I can’t concentrate to read! My trazodone doesn’t work anymore!

Its only been two days. I woke up with a searing migraine so I thought it might be Abilify. I took some ibuprofen with coffee though so it was prob caffeine withdrawal IDK.

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Thats interesting…If I were you I would get offline and just try and force urself to relax cuz missing sleep sux. I crash for two days if I miss sleep.

i wouldn’t skip doses either… you might feel better for a bit but after a while it might make you relapse so i wouldn’t do it…

Abilify is giving me insomnia

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