Magic mushroom

Anyone tried magic mashroom wile being on med?
Is the trip sevier, when the high goes away it may have some improvement.

Yeah I actually did that.

It’s really kinda… off…

I’d be afraid to try it. The med’s keep me from getting high on most street drugs anyway.

Even if I hadn’t got clean and I was still doing drugs, I would never risk taking a psychedelic; LSD triggered my schizophrenia.

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Thats a really bad idea.

" Some of psilocybin mushroom effects known to be dangerous include:
Increased blood pressure – can be very dangerous for someone who has hypertension
Increased heart rate
Increased body temperature with sweat followed by chills
Feelings intense fear
Extreme anxiety from high doses or bad trip
Nausea, vomiting and diarrhea from eating toxic mushrooms
Confused and disordered thoughts
A bad trip can also cause panic attacks and paranoid delusions
As most hallucinogens, psilocybin mushrooms can cause a loss of reality
Severe agitation
Loss of coordination – whole body feels unsteady
Loss of bladder control
Someone who suffers from mental illness can be affected much worse
The ability to focus and concentrate can become difficult
Impaired judgment – can lead to poor decisions
Unable to distinguish what is real and what is fantasy"

Mushrooms containing psilocybin
Alterations in perception begin within 30 minutes of ingestion of psilocybin-containing mushrooms and generally subside after 6 hours.

Widely varying CNS manifestations (eg, euphoria, visual and religious hallucinations, and feeling closer to nature) have been reported. Visual hallucinations may include perceived motion of stationary objects or surfaces.[28] Patients presenting in the emergency department (ED) may experience more unpleasant effects, such as fear, agitation, confusion, delirium, psychosis, and schizophrenialike syndromes.

Symptoms may include nausea and sympathomimetic activity such as mydriasis and tachycardia. Symptoms in children include hyperpyrexia and seizures.

Bad choice take it from me I’ve done it twenty times. Depressants are the only drugs I’d consider doing, and those are addictive, bad for your health and cause depression. anything but worsening my mental health… but I’m 11 days sober.


Taking Hallucinogenics is like playing Russian Roulette, especially when you have a “sick” brain.

Mescaline or Acid, not exactly sure what I took triggered my Schizophrenia/SZA in the first place.

Its a very bad idea to even think about consuming any kind of Psychedelic substance - the consequences are great.

It’s not gonna kill you, or put you in a coma, but it may make you think one of those things are gonna happen…and I’m not talking only when you’re tripping. I’m talking afterwards. Sometimes I feel I’m losing my mind and my brain is gonna short circuit…thanks to my mushroom use from the past. Scary…

I didn’t do mushroom, but I did LSD once or twice… XTC a lot, and it made me worse.

The trips seemed to never end. I lost myself and ended up in some very effed up situations… lots of memory about the hallucination… no memory about what I was doing in reality.

It’s a very dangerous thing to do… would never suggest it.

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Its being said that magic mashroom give birth to a new neurons, there been some research on it.
And some who suffer from PTSD get cured using MDA( i dont know what kind of stuff this is)

i used to do weed on meds and it was ok. not that stupid to try psychodelics.

Closest thing I’ve done was salvia. Salvia alone didn’t do anything, but combined with marijuana, ■■■■■■ me up. Salvia is a nasty drug. The highs aren’t pleasant. I’ve heard a lot of negative things about it.

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I did mda when I was 22 before I got psychosis. Took 1 pill. I was high for 24 hours… it obviously had a different effect on me.

Mda is a more of a hallucinogenic than a party drug I think

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Let’s not mince words. Mind-blowingly stupid. Retarded, even.


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I took Lsd like 2 years ago. It was a scary but compelling trip. I ended up passing out after laughing so much on my bed.

■■■■ no im not doing that!

Possessed on mushrooms is a bad idea i would think. Evil voices in your mind saying horrible ■■■■ on a psychedeliq, gives me shivers just to think about it. That ■■■■ would be painful.

Imagine tripping on that ■■■■ and toby from paranormal activity bends your spine backwards and tells you not to laugh at his children. Not cool at all.

Annelise michel on mushrooms, think about it.