Maggie having surgery on eye today

Maggie having surgery on her cherry eye today. Dad also having a chip put in. Not looking forward to her having the cone on her head for an extended period again. Dad sounding like he might leave off when we are keeping an eye on her or while she is eating.

Anyway, I haven’t posted a topic in forever, so I thought I would post this.

In other news, I am on insulin now. Blood sugar seems to be getting better now.

Also, I am gaining weight rapidly despite walking a fair amount. Weight gain is hard to pinpoint the cause.

So there is my update.


Seems like your family is going through a lot of medical issues.

I hope the spring can cheer you guys a bit up.

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Hope Maggie’s surgery and your dad’s procedure go well @Bowens :+1:.

Hope your mom is also doing better after her surgery :+1:.

Do you think the insulin could be the culprit? Anyways, hoping your weight will level off soon— it’s such a pain gaining weight.


Wishing the best for Maggie.

I know that’s difficult when they have to wear the E-collar so long.

My Lilly had to wear it six weeks and still managed to pull two staples.

They’re just awful.

Good luck with it all.


thanks @Schztuna . I actually meant that dad was having a chip put in Maggie while she is there. No surgery for dad.

Mom is doing better I think.

I don’t think so. I started gaining rapidly weeks ago. Have only been on insulin for 5 days.

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Thanks @Charles_Foster ,

Thanks @Jonathan2 .

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Hey, that’s a great thing. Sorry, when you said “chip,” I totally thought it was like a newer type of procedure or something :sweat_smile:.


It’s good to hear from you @Bowens
I’m glad that Maggie will get treated for her cherry eye.

Insulin is the gold standard treatment for diabetes.

Good luck with everything


Good luck to Maggie!

Sorry about the weight issues and needing insulin. Both can be discouraging.

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You totally needed to apologize for that. I was so offended :stuck_out_tongue: . JK. It’s cool @Schztuna .
I understand your confusion. Thanks again for your well wishes. :slight_smile: .

Thanks @Wave :slight_smile: .

Thanks @anon4362788 :slight_smile: .


Good to hear from you, wishing Maggie a speedy recovery and sending you waves of patience and peace. :wink:


Thanks @Sherlock

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Hope the pup recovers quickly and good to hear from you!


Thanks @roguetwo

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Sorry to hear about the weight gain.

I have a theory that diabetics tend to eat more because sugar doesn’t get into the cells as easily.

So giving the cells the impression that you need more food.

It might be true, I can’t remember

I wish you well.


Thanks @Zoe


Good to hear from you! I hope it goes well. I hope you find the cause of your weight gain, and I’m glad your blood sugar is controlled now

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Thanks @CoCo !

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I hope everything goes ok with your puppy shes a cute dog