Magazines and books you've all read lately

Pianist magazine

International Piano magazine

Nursing 2021 magazine

El Amante Japones (novel, en espanol) The Japanese Lover

People magazine (en espanol)

Anglotopia magazine


The Ramayana
The history of genghis khan
The myths of polarity by Alan watts
Big Sur by jack Kerouac
Fools crow by I forget but it’s on Native American shamanism
Alice in wonderland
Ketamine dreams and realities by Karl Jansen
And a book on writing hip hop lyrics

The last one is the only one I finished but they’re all great and I’ve been reading them the last 2 months


I am reading His Dark Materials right now.

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I recently spent $4.99 on a National Enquirer because there was an article about Prince Charles telling Prince Harry to divorce. I don’t really think it was worth it.

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I just finished reading Girl, Interrupted! Weird, but I liked it


Tu estás aprendiendo Español muy bien ! Que bueno! No he hablado Español hace mucho tiempo. Pero.

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That family is so messed up. Prince Charles cheated on princess Diana all those years with Camilla. He’s no role model.

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Yes. Who knows how true the article was. It said something about her being an actress and they were upset that he didn’t stay an extra day for his grandmother’s birthday.

Tropic of Cancer, Henry Miller
The Big Sleep, Raymond Chandler

Muchas gracias @Loke . Estoy estudiando espanol por telefono con mi maestra por una hora cada semana. Yo disfruto mis lecciones muchisimo. Yo encontre mi maestra del website: Ella se llama Finita M. Ella es de Venezuela. Finita es mi edad y tambien toca el piano como yo. Nosotros tenemos mucho diversion en el telefono cada semana.

No la use una translator.

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Magazines are still a thing?

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Of course! 15151515

I can’t stand the clutter of dead tree publications. I read things online on a tablet, but haven’t bought physical paper media for about a decade (other than the select cookbook).

Some of my magazines are online.

Reading “Tuesday’s Gone” by Nicci French
Before that finished “The Suspect” by Michael Robotham
Reading crime thrillers at the moment

I read the bible and online articles in the news and across the web!

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