Madness, what I have made of it

Madness and sanity share the same face. It is just that madness hides his, and does not have a definite face of its own.

Madness is a continuous formulation of trying to determine between what is real and unreal, with a variable of misdetermination.

The matter is that there is no formula to determine between what is real and unreal, that being the solution to the formula. It can be considered a illusion.

You will have to determine what is real on your own.

The reason for madness is your own reasoning.
the in’s and out’s of madness are the same, both the thought you take as self, and the reasoning and voices you reject are the same, the beginning and end of madness are the same, the problem and solution are the same.
The what, where’s when, how and whys of the plot of madness you have made yourself and tied these as reasoning for experiencing it, when there is no plot of madness, all of it comes from imagination. It is all the bounds of reasoning that you have bought into yourself, and fight with day to day.

Madness is a rejection of one’s own vision. The opening of the bounds of reasoning to your imagination is your own, in which you fight and pull with. It is the weight, the measurements of your own reasoning, conception of imagination to be actual, and what you have accepted yourself to be real, that you fight and pull with. At the end of the day, you need to wake up.

Any person of decency who see’s a monster trying to destroy one’s self and others, would do whatever in their capability to stop it.
The truth of this monster, is that you are your own monster, your fighting with yourself.