Madly in love

Have you ever been so madly in love that nothing else really mattered? I may have been at least once in my younger years.

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Yes, I have been madly in love and losing it was like losing a body part.

I’m getting close right now to feeling love again, but I’m scared.

Yes… I’ve had that happen a few times… I’m trying not to fall into that again… but love feels great.

Yeah when I was 19

Yep, twice.
I thought it was cool, now i think it was lame.


Yeah once. It was like hard drugs it was dangerous, it led me to a relapse along with quitting smoking and two friends landing in jail

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Georgie said romantic love is flat

Who’s Georgie ?

Stupid petty love is flat

I’ve only really felt the depths of love in an after the fact kind of way.

The wisest words ever to be spoken.
i don’t do love. I ■■■■…hard
Christian Grey lol

All I got to say is Dear Cupid, please take some time to target practice. your aim sucks.




Men will go for a c-word for a woman who is a c-word.

im too young and european to get that

It might be destabilizing… it might cause me to obsess… it’s probably what causes that euphoric high…

But what a way to go…

Viva L’Amour…

my apologizes that the direction this thread took.

Yeah; me too? Who TF is… ?

But wait, Moses, I think you are right on it now, to know yourself, right? That’s what you keep saying. I think she knows herself. (c-word?)