Made it through

Went over for dinner at my sisters house. My 40 year old nephew is moving his family from California to Minnesota so tonight we all met for good-byes.
I made it two and a half hours with my sister, my 40 year old nephew, his wife and their two little twin girls, My sisters boyfriend was there and then my 30 year old nephew showed up with his new girlfriend. Whew, that was a lot to sit through. It went well though; I talked enough and meeting my nephews girlfriend was OK. And my sisters boyfriend seems like a nice guy.


Sometimes it’s difficult to be around that many people. I’m glad you made it through.


oh wow, that’s a lot of people… i’m glad to hear you made it through it. Would be really stressful for me =O

I think it will be quite a change to move from California to Minnesota. I am glad you had some good moments.

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