Made it over here can questions be answered?

I had a little trouble starting a new account over on the other board. It was saying my password was wrong so being formally “sleepy kitten” i am now humboldt head.

i am pretty overwhelmed with what I am experiencing on any given day.

I have noticed that even though Latuda is working better for delusions and visual hallucinations that i still hear things and now i experience anxiety like i have not experienced in a long time. anxiety has become very overwhelming but at least i recognize that who i am and how treatment can make me feel better.

my anxiety initiates an amount of paranoia but i have been given clonazepam to help with that. but i find that my heart races a lot and that i am experiencing panic attacks.

I find that outside the people helping with my treatment and my girlfriend and parents that I can tell no one about my situation - which makes me fell lonely.

You have to tell your psychiatrist that you’re experiencing side effects from the medication.