Made a little progress on getting out of the flat today

I went for a walk in the park. Met some old friends and we caught up. Was really nice.

My pensioner pal was then walking past and he bought me a refreshment. Didn’t stay long in the bar. For some reason being in a bar is a lot more stressful than being in a park.

Was only out for 45 minutes but hey it’s a start!


I bought coffee at the supermarket in the next two towns. I caught the bus. Nothing exciting, but i would have gone to the local shop instead. Which takes me only 10 min…


That is no small task buddy. That is good work!

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Good job @anon94176359! I went and met my friend yesterday for lunch. I was there for about two hours catching up with him. It’s something I haven’t done in a while because I haven’t been feeling up to it. It was nice though.


Good work @disciple!

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