Mad rhymin (pass the mic)

I’m the Mozart of ballin’,
sunk my first three was i was three foot tall 'n,
kinda dunked over a six footer named Jamaal 'n,
broke his ankles 'n,
pissed off his friend then dunked on him too,
i was like a lion that just escaped from the zoo,
got my foes all feelin like poo,
don’t think that you can do this too,
cuz ain’t nobody do it like I do
Now im gonna pass the mic right onto you, @chew


I’m at the Thai restaurant. Will participate later

I’m a ball player
Rhyme sayer
I’ll give u the time later
But let’s just say I’m rocking Gucci leather and alligators
On my feet
Girls be like ain’t he sweet
I’m like , no , beauty, I’m the beast
But I guess he had a soft side
But my brain is too fried
To remember
So I eat that Thai food hotter than embers
By the fire
It’ll make you perspire
Don’t forget
I quit rapping
But writing flows, I guess it’s still happening.
At times…
Just listen to my lines
Didn’t order a beer
Cuz I’m feelin near
The edge
The brink of excitement
The link between mental illness and it’s not enticing
To me
So I’m sticking with my noodles and beef
YUM I’m Hun-gry


glock poppin thug stoppin
narcotics officer you better look out for her
the wanted woman Harley Quinn
she met the Joker and she then
went crazy, man she was such a hazy
brain on that train of the psychiatry
should have performed a frontal lobotomy
than have listened to his ass with his psychopathic sass and psychotic pizazz
and now he’s all that she has
he made her evil, its unbelievable
that such a southern belle
could be straight outta hell
I’m psychotic like the joker if you can tell
And you know I would poke her right under her devil tail
doesnt matter that I’m gay
I’ll poke her all friggin day
Yo Dre, I got somethin to say
about one batshit dime
who I wrecked from behind
to let her off of her crime
she took it from behind instead of doing time
man when I finished I felt sublime
and I gave her my number when she said “I’ll bring Mr. Jay next time”


Yo dis my sneaky Vegetable rap son get at me all day

sneak sneak sneak
stealin potatoes from da grocery store packin heat packs in my back pocket cuz its cold out
tee hee wee wee dont mess with me me I got lettuce in the refrigerator better believe me
peelin potatoes on a weekday before 3
with my pocket knife while im chewin on broccoli
get my health way up cup full of turnips now im turnt up
yeah turnt the stove up to medium heat roasted bell peppers
and carrots so tasty better add some gravy


Breaking chains, Switching lanes
Oh I got this. Let’s be vain?
OMGoodness I’m so awesome
Looking at myself & how I’ve blossomed
Day by day, Week by week
Until that day when I felt weak
Wispers in my head voices overwhelmed me
what the hell is this? how can this be?

Voices in my head screams
Pictures flashes or visions seems
Like putting me down
way down to the ground
"Failure! Loser! Scum of the earth!"
too many too many! This is my turf!

This has to stop, is there a way?
To end this insanity
can’t stand this mentality
Please help my normality
cursed my reality
where’s my vitality
To fight this apparently…
There’s only 1 way I can think of
I’ll die eventually… right?

But damn there’s my family!
Stopping me drastically
Never did they give up on me
So why should i give up on myself?
Oh I got this. NOW…
Let’s fight! Let’s live! Let’s make it somehow
Docz tell me to take medz
treating me like some special eds
But it’s whatever, keep it together
Wake up 1 morning and feeling better
Finally! Yayeah! My own mind back
but that journey sure was wacked

LOL! Peace! <3


One cat
Two cat
Red cat
Blue cat