Mad antidepressant "hopping" throughout the year

I hope i will stop, at first I was on lexapro, then my pdoc prescribed cymbalta, was on it for 3 months, then stopped cymbalta and was on nothint, then started lexapro again and then stopped, started lexapro again and then jumped on trintellix, then stopped and jumped back on lexapro and now I am back on trintellix, this hopping is mad, cause cymbalta is very good just too powerful, lexapro doesnt work well for me anymore, just have a really good past on it and trintellix is good, just I have this urge to find perfect antidepressant. I know its unhealthy, hopefully will stay on trintellix. Anyone else experienced constant medication swittching? Is it normql for a sz to do it?

Yes for Anti-Psychotics it took 6 different meds over 5 years to find one for me

No shame in trying to better yourself

Getting mental health in-line is the step we all must take where we can

Kick its ass!

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