MacBook pro 2013 model

I’m using Linux on one of my old comps and it breathed life back into it.


That and slipping in a SSD drive.

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I’ve taken the ssd from old comps and use as external drives too

The new M1 air will blow away your mbp13.

If you only use photoshop and illustrator doing 2d art the air is good.

The new mbp pro 14” and 16” 2021 is for 3d designers and video editors.

Also I heard this year they are redesigning the MacBook Air again. So maybe wait if you can hold out. I might get the m2 redesign if I get my stimulus check.

I have the M1 iMac and it’s super fast and no hassle to use

Highly rate Apple if you have the iPhone and other devices as the ecosystem is good

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I just got the MacBook Air M1 for Christmas.

This was to replace a MacBook Pro from 2010…

It’s a great upgrade, for sure.

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Nice- those are beautiful. Which color did you get?

I got the Green one. Really like it. Great piece of kit

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I go to the website and just drool - nice color. It’s so thin. I think the screen is suppose to be amazing too.

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They have brilliant screens

I used to have a MacBook Air with a second screen but I can have 3/4 things running at once on the screen

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I just got Mac mini with M1 chip. It is super fast compared to my 2014 MacBook Air. Only proviso is if you need to do Windows virtualisation like VMware or Parallels, you can’t on M1 (unless you use Windows for ARM). Not a problem for everyday use though. Apps load like lightning.