MA...Marijuana Anonymous


I attended my first full meeting yesterday…it was ok a bit too religious for me but I can handle it. I am glad that the meetings are on-line and not in person. I don’t think I could do it if I had to be around a bunch of people. I just know it is time for me to quit smoking it. I want to do somethings with my life that pot interferes with. I would love to be a semi truck driver…the only things that are preventing me is that I smoke weed(I should say I use to but its only been 2 days), I had a car accident this last june and a ticket for running a stop sign, and my parents and my pdoc don’t want me to go back to work. All-in-all, it hasn’t been that bad without the pot except for I get a little anxious when I think about it. I do owe my pot dealer $40 so I do have to see him one more time this Friday so I can give him the money other than that I am done with going over their. I just have to be strong for a couple of minutes when I give him the money so I am not tempted to get some. Anyways, just wanted to share.


I’m glad your giving this up. A lot of truck companies do run drug test. Quitting the pot will help you when your ready to get hired.

So when you pay off your dealer, stay strong and just remember… you want to be a semi-truck driver.

Good luck… and I’m rooting for you.


don’t be put off by the religious talk kts god as you understand it. could be nature or the anything you want. congrats takes guts to askfor help good luck to you.


Good luck Matt, you can do it. I’ve given up pot too, sometimes I miss it, but the paranoia had amped up in recent months and for that reason it was no longer enjoyable for me.


Good luck with that. You can be strong without it and manage alone. I wish you luck with the semi truck driving. It will sure help you overcome a lot of your difficulties on a daily basis.


we can stop together. I run out tomorrow. I try not to post about it until I’m successful and I’ve fallen many times, but that was the way it was with trying to stop smoking cigarettes and now I’m on day 55 and loving it. I really think I can beat it mainly because it’s either have a poor Christmas or don’t buy again. easy right? not so easy but doable.


good luck jukebox! it’s hard but we can do it…just have to stay strong.


Rooting for you mat, becoming a semi truck driver would be awesome… marijuana for me indeed becomes a problem coupled with psychosis. Like ekoms said sometimes I miss it but knowing what kind of paranoia comes on and it being more detrimental to me overall, there is no choice but to stop for any kind of productive life.


Thanks for the encouragement everyone…it really helps knowing I have support here. Today so far is a little better than yesterday. I’m not as anxious when I think about it. I hope this lasts. anyways, just wanted to say thanks!


I stopped marihuana in the 1970’s. Sure glad I did that!