M theory is fascinating

I’m really into this: string theory/M theory tries to unify physics to explain the underpinnings of the universe. The idea is not foreign to me as I now believe in multi verse or multiple dimensions. But it’s hard to explain or understand. You think of matter at a quantum miniature level as tiny points strung through out a flat disc. Matter can be waves or particles or both. Dark matter is unseen matter that proves to exist through test and makes up like 90% of matter. Which means most matter cannot be perceived right? Hmm. My idea of the universe is: like a black carpet with a prism at the center emitting frequencies of matter. Then I consider the elements female and masculine as examples of the polarized field. We are more than we think simply by being IN this universe!!! Life is a gift that is incomprehensible. Gravity is an illusion of distance in space, and really the magnetic polarities like an hour glass in four dimensions. There are two depths in earth one opposing force to us. Earth might even be seen as an onion or flower with thin slices so three dimensions on top but six earth dimensions and 13 dimensions in the galaxy.


Hi, you would have loved the BBC documentary on BBC 2 today at 8pm UK time. If not it’s probably on iPlayer. It was all about multiverses whereby the universe is part of an infinity of other universes where every choice ever made by a person can be alternatively different in a similar world in another universe. If only I could pop over to advise myself about some choices in other universes before I make them!

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