Lyrica 100mg twice daily

Hi hope I haven’t upset anyone here. I am taking 100mg lyrica twice daily from today. Hopefully it will help my symptoms.

I’m going to be returning to my original psychiatrist soon so I will have I hope a better idea of what’s going on with me then.

I’m having unwanted thoughts and they are distressing ones coming and going. I dont know what to make of it all.

Maybe I am just imagining it all. Dont know.

My thoughts are visual as well. Is this a symptom of schizophrenia as well as people can read my mind or are recording me.


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i hope your appointments go well! you deserve to feel safe and serene.

i am supposed to be taking the same dose, but i havent taken it for some reason. i dont think it helps me? im hoping that lyrics helps you!

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Hi thanks for the well wishes. I’m not sure if the lyrica is working because I am very restless and not able to relax.

The four medications I am taking probably all work in different ways. I’m taking 300mg seroquel, 225mg effexor, 10mg abilify and 200mg of lyrica .

Some days I feel like a zombie but other days not so. Mostly on edge.

I have more motivation and am very thankful for that. The smallest things matter.

I dont like the unwanted thoughts and visual hallucinations. I get very upset. I think I have schizophrenia but doc says I dont. I also think i may have MS but neurologists all said I dont.

I am delusional they think. Somataform disorder is my diagnosis but the meds I am taking dont fit with that diagnosis i dont think personally.

It’s all confusing:(

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i feel like if youre feeling like a zombie, you should ask for a med change. its not beneficial to you if you feel like that, and you deserve to feel better!
sometimes the doctors can only make their best decision, and it may not work for you. always advocate for yourself so you can feel better and manage life easier!

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Hi and thanks for your advice. I am woozy and drunkenness feeling since 2014, it’s a long story but basically I started to feel unwell with headaches and dizziness plus falling to my right side and unbalanced back in 2014.

My head felt full and woozy so I have this issue from long ago. The zombie like feeling I have since ever taking the new meds I am on. I should have clarified better.

I’m on 300mg of lyrica now. I think I have a neurological problem but none of the neurologists I saw think that is the case. They think its psychological which is why I was referred to a psychiatrist.

I have somataform disorder, anxiety and depression so am being treated for that. The groggy woozy head is always there no matter what which is why I think it’s a rare neurological condition perhaps.

Am on the waiting list to see another neurologist so I see how that goes.


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I take 300mg of this as well.

Works well for anxiety.

My concern was weight gain, but I have not noticed any side effects

If you think how you feel is med related, sounds like your going to have to unpick your regime with the doctor to find out what’s causing you to feel that way

It was simpler for me before when I was just on an AP only, but I also take a collection of meds now, and it’s all over my head these days what does what and why

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Thought disorders are very common in SZ. I have attacks of unwanted thoughts too, like i don’t control my own thoughts.

I have somatoform disorder as well. It helped when i accepted that i have the disorder. I still have a lot of diffuse pain and strange physical symptoms but i don’t go to doctors anymore, i just accepted that it’s something psychological.

Somatoform disorder is very common if you have Schizotypal disorder, like i have.

Hope you get better and that Lyrica is helping you (i was on 600 mg and it it didn’t help me)

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Glad to know someone is feeling same way as I am :slight_smile: I definitely think I dont know what medication is for what and why.

All just confusing but will keep taking my meds because there is some improvement.

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Hi yeah I’ve heard somataform disorder is common in people with schizophrenia. I don’t have schizophrenia but do have disturbing thoughts at times and visual as well.

I’ve accepted that I have somataform disorder but I also think its neurological as well. Maybe I am delusional. It’s a mixed bag of things.

I will be talking to my psychiatrist in the next couple of weeks through video chat so if he has a plan for me, will know then.

I’m taking 300mg quietapine, 10mg of abilify and 225mg of effexor plus 300mg lyrica.

The medication is working for different issues I have. My concern is that the woozy head and clumsiness is always there plus the unbalance and disoriented feeling.

These symptoms I believe are neurological. The somataform disorder m, depression and unwanted thoughts I believe are psychological and perhaps I have symptoms of both if you know what I mean.

I just hope things dont worsen. My brain scans are stable with no progression whatever that means I don’t know except that my scans are not pointing to anything neurological

Do you know if schizophrenia progresses. I mean can an MRI show schizophrenia in certain areas of the brain. My lesions are in the right frontal lobe mostly with some on the left. One neurologist said the lesions were in the juxtacortical area of my brain. But I do not have MS. One other neurologist said a process may be happening but he wouldn’t go further than that.

Maybe they can see schizophrenia on the brain, I dont know.

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For some people it progress and worsen over time, for some it’s get better even to full recovery, but for most of us it’s pretty much the same over time. I don’t think an MRI test can show schizophrenia.

Sorry to hear you have got lesions in the brain, that can’t be anything psychological, and then you of course have to go to a doctor / neurologist.

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Yes that’s what I thought but all the neurologists I.have seen, say these type of lesions can be seen in smokers and in non smokers. There is no medical explanation for them the neurologists told me.

They can also be seen people who had past traumas, so I dont have an explanation for them but I do think they are playing a part in my illness along with the somataform disorder depression and anxiety.

For now it’s all psychological my docs are saying.

Perhaps it is schizophrenia. I’m thinking it is but I’m not a psychiatrist so have to go with what the psychiatrist says in order to get better I hope.


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Brain lesions can also be caused by toxoplasmosis, which is known to be heavily correlated with schizophrenia. There was one person who managed to cure most of his symptoms using an herb combination called wormwood/black walnut. Since then he’s ghosted the website, so I’m assuming he’s cured. But that herb is also good for Toxoplasmosis. He said that he had a stool test and they detected a parasite in it, but he never mentioned what it was. I still haven’t got a response since I’ve messaged him

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is that a antipsychotic, never heard of it, is it new.

Hi I’ll ask my doc about that. As far as I know no infection showed up clearly on my scans. My report did say infective along with a whole bunch of other possibilities but nothing clear showed up.

Might be that that happened to me. Dont know. I got a very bad dog bite in 2009, after that I slowly deteriorated.

Maybe it left an infection in me who knows. Nothing shows in my blood. One of the Docs said I may have picked up a virus.

Hi sorry Quietapine is Seroquel.

Lyrica is for anxiety. It’s not an antipsychotic

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o okay, lyrica. nice hope it works for you.

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Thanks a million

Hi I’ve written to my neurologist about possibly my brain lesions might have been caused by toxoplasmosis?

One of the radiologists wrote to me before when I queried infective written on my report. I didn’t know what it meant. He told me its medical jargon. He also said its possible infection may have occurred at some point on my brain but impossible to know if that’s what happened in my case.

I wonder can it have been toxicplamosis? That dog bite may have left some sort of infection back in 2009. Then what if it just stabilised I dont known. My last mri report noted infective. Infective means potential to infect online.

One neurologist said a process may be happening the other one said, fibromyalgia, another one said maybe a virus, but they all said definitely not MS.

But definitely something caused a surge in the lesions. Its complicated the lot of it.

Toxoplasmosis I dont know, but it could have been. When I first got sick, the neurologist prescribed topamax for daily headaches. He didn’t do an mri till five months later.

Then all the it’fs and what’s started. Why cant I balance properly, and why do I have hypreflexia in both upper and lower limbs, positive rhombergs, and positive Hoffman’s. Double vision on pen test, I see two in all directions of gaze.

Would these be findings in schizophrenia do you know?

When you first got sick, were you feeling symptoms of everything else that you mentioned? Did the dog bite lead to you feeling bad shortly after that? My guess is that the brain lesion may have resulted in a bad(or inadequate) signal to your thyroid gland, not telling it to make enough hormones that your thyroid is supposed to make. The Rombergs is kind of tricky and tests the healthy functioning of the dorsal columns of the spinal cord, so I’m not sure if there may be a faulty brain signal that’s affecting your balancing. For the hypreflexia, there is a quick google search that says some of it may have to do with “Upper Neuron Disease”, so that may be a hint. Issues with the brain can also cause double vision. I doubt Schizophrenia may have caused this, as it’s not known to cause neurological issues. But the brain lesion probably did.

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