Lurasidone (Latuda) molecule and my chemistry model kit

I was bored so I decided to break out my old chemistry model kit from my University days when I was taking organic chemistry and put together a Lurasidone (Latuda) molecule.

Here it is, been on this stuff, 60mg, for over 2 years now…

White = Hydrogen
Black = Carbon
Red = Oxygen
Blue = Nitrogen
Grey - Sulphur


I went to make a clonazepam molecule (The other psych med I’m on) but I’m short 3 carbon atoms :frowning_face:

We used to have one in college, organic chemistry class. Did you graduate in chemistry?

I was the best in my chemistry classes but that was before sz. Now I forgot everything. I still use my brain but more in computers and technology. I love gaming too. I have a 4K gaming PC.

No, didn’t graduate, I had to drop out of University because of sz. Spent 5 months in the nut house and they had me on so much medication I felt like I couldn’t go back. I only have 1 year left if I ever decide to go back.

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Yeah, I’ve forgotten a lot too. It’s been over 15 years since I was in a classroom.

I wasn’t the best in my class but I did pretty good, I did really well in the lab work, but in my car while driving to my final exam in organic chemistry the voices were telling me not to go to the University and write my final exam. I told the voice (in my head) that I had to write my final. I went to the exam anyways but I was psychotic through the whole thing and couldn’t concentrate. I was the first one to finish the exam in the class and hand it into the prof. I just wanted to get out of there. I dropped down to a final grade of C+, my exam performance brought my overall mark way down so that was disappointing.

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Yea that happened to me after college, in university. Here you have to complete college before being admitted in university.

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