Lunches - so difficult to know what to get

Trying to have more healthy lunches, but it’s hard to think of what to get . Going shopping around Midday . Suggestions welcomed .


What about an apple, low fat string cheese, grapes, and fish?


I get grapes. Have been getting things like a seafood medley(mussels,prawns and squid) but have that as a snack. Usually get sliced cheese .


Bag of baby potatoes (1kg) cost probably next to nothing, unless you like to shop in signature stores (M&S) etc.

Potatoes are super easy and quick to prepare, you can do it even in a microwave. If you aren’t a vegetarian include some meat cuts, it can be deli or something home made. Butter and milk before mashing potatoes is nice. This should make a solid and satisfying meal.

I’m personally following Keto/Carnivorous eating pattern, my foods are easiest to prepare since I only eat beef, eggs and bacon and nothing of vegetation. I can get away with things like eating one or two meals a day.

Try focusing on solid foods, vegetation and fruits alone will spike your blood sugars, leaving you hungry soon enough.

You could probably do youtube research on food, etc

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rice, salmon, roasted beets, gluten free chicken nuggets, butterleaf lettuce, tomatoes, ranch yogurt dressing, roasted chicken, mini chopped cucumbers with salt and sesame oil, pastrami, naan bread,
saurkraut, mayonaise

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I usually get a bag of frozen chicken breasts and a big bag of kale to steam with them…only takes about 10 minutes to prepare and is super healthy.

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^ Don’t you have to wait for the chicken to defrost ?

Pretty much every microwave has an auto defrost that takes about a minute and a half…then you just slice it into smaller pieces with a little bit of vegetable oil in a pan it cooks really fast.

Mine has 5 power settings from high to low. It would take much more than 90 seconds to defrost chicken breasts .

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Maybe put it on low for a couple minutes and keep an eye on them so they don’t start to cook.

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