Lunch with the Old man!

So went out for lunch today simply because we can. Always good to enjoy some cooking without the prep or cleaning and had a burger…It was ok. Not the best. Not the worst but had a good time. I need to hook up with my friends for lunch in the next couple of weeks as I’ve been hella busy with the cricket club but at least today I got to relax a bit!


It’s good to see relatives and friends. Glad you had a good time!


I’d kill for a burger and chips from a restaurant !

Have not eaten out for a year now.

Been ordering take out food, but it’s not the same.

I used to go to the cinema once a month with a family friend and we’d go to this burger place that I really liked.

Covid sux


Yeah wasn’t trying to rub it in or anything. Just not much else to do and we’ve done really well with the covid but we’re an isolated country and small population. We’ve had our lockdowns and things are all a lot different but it’s nice to have a meal out and not worry about cooking or cleaning…

Hope you get to go out sooner rather than later. It’s a weirder world for sure but I’m not complaining our lot over here. Much peace.

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Didn’t think that at all!

I am glad you were able to get out

This is all such a mess. I think Australia has been so sensible over all this from the news I have seen.

Our situation is due to people not following rules, and the government not coming down hard with good timing.

Thanks :slight_smile: I have had my first shot of the Pfizer vaccine now. I think they might get you to prove you’ve had it as I got a card to keep in my wallet


Yeah keep the card. We are a long way off from the jab as of now. Lot’s of information but no roll out. I think some front line health workers have gotten the jab…not expecting it anytime soon but yes we’ve done pretty good even stopping movement between states. We are very lucky and the economy still works.

Glad you’ve got the first jab. I’d imagine things will open up with more coverage.


Hopefully you’ll be up on the list. I got it earlier as they classed SZ in the group of people who’re vulnerable.

I don’t know if it’s because of the meds, or the illness.

Anyways. Glad you got out to a restaurant man!


Sounds like a good time.
Good for you guys @rogueone!


Hooray for rogue1 !!! !!!

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@Wave you changed your profile picture back ! Very nice :+1: (is it a profile pic or is it called an avatar?)

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I call it profile pic but avatar works too!

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