Lunch with support group

I have eaten lunch with my support group. It was about 35 persons. Made my voices act up. I said “what did you say?” to my table friend on my left several times. He didn’t say anything. He on other hand knows me and think it’s funny that I hear voices. He has problems too but other problems. He tells me about music videos about being “mad”. I have Metallica’s Sanatarium as my ring tone. He thought that was hillarious when I told him I had chosen it when I was hospitalized for 6 months.


Now I am exhausted. Lie in bed and listen to music. Gatherings really drain your energy. Everyone was nice and I knew half of the people. Yet it was stressful.

I get what I call ‘people hangovers’ after being with a group of people, like at a family gathering, for too long.


People hangover is a great word.