Lunar phase and your symptom

Today i have less symptom, the last time i felt better it was fool moon. This few days i am going to pay attention if moon phase has any effect on my symptoms. On the 17 its going to be full moon,

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I’m interested in hearing the results!

i feel worse during the full moon, i think it is a werewolf thing !
take care


I don’t know about the moon. But I like high tide, the waves are louder and echo a bit more. The tide is effected by the moon. So it’s all connected.

Back when I was drinking a lot and my sleep cycle was really messed up, I noticed that my insomnia was worse when the moon came out. It was like when the moon came up, so did I. It didn’t even have to be completely full.

i believe the moon has an effect on us people.
just it has effects on the tides we are also made up from water

and i also get more energy from a full moon