Lunar New Year debriefed

My brother came by yesterday to celebrate the Lunar New Year. We had lunch and he helped get my parents a vaccine appointment. I wished him happy Chinese New Year as he left. He kind of scowled at me. His wife isn’t Chinese but she is Asian. I should’ve wished him a lunar new year to be considerate.

I wish I had a personal assistant who could debrief me of these details beforehand. also, I’m officially down to one red envelope (from my brother). When I was a wee tike, I’d get four or five of them and we’d all gather at my aunts for a feast and traditional games, mahjong and such. Now would be the time for me to hand out red envelopes to continue the tradition of giving; I hope I have the opportunity to in the coming years.


Don’t be too harsh on yourself. It’s only this year that I’ve put two and two together and noticed that other people are calling it “Lunar New Year” and its a similar time to Chinese new year… Its one of those things that people have decided its suddenly incorrect/impolite to say. A social construct possibly?

I think with the current situation in the US, it’s timely to say Lunar New Year to cover all Asian Americans, not just Chinese. I’d say more but there’s really no excuse for the violence the Asian community is experiencing at this time.

Happy Lunar New Year @gene!

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I don’t disagree, I’m just saying its a new thing, don’t get upset over getting it wrong when its been the norm to say “Chinese new year” for a long time.

To be considerate (respectful) of my sister-in-law, I’d tell my brother Lunar new year.

In response to the recent attacks against Asians, it is important for all communities to come together. Addressing it as Lunar New Year as opposed to Chinese New Year may not seem any different but it implies a cohesiveness among all Asians.

I think so.

@Wave: thanks! I swear I didn’t mean to turn a nice topic into a contentious one. I was merely thinking about my brother and our dialogue.

You’re right, and I’m not upset. I just have the habit of replaying dialogue.


Yeah like Wave said - happy Lunar New Year to you @gene

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