Does lumeteperone represent an advance in the pharmacopoeia?

It doesn’t cure negative symptoms

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It also blocks dopamine receptors. It is the same mechanism of action that abilify, vraylar, haldol, zyprexa, etc.
If you want to try an antipsychotic with a new mechanism of action you will have to wait for KarXT to go on the market at the end of this year, but only in the United States.

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I think it has some novel actions along with it’s the fact it doesn’t hit histamine much. I think there is like 1 dosage so chance of hitting the sweet spot for the dosage range have to be low. Not sure what formulation the capsule is in. In standard practice I think it would be super hit and miss just because of the dosage. Has to be expensive but should be an improvement

It dopamine blockade is low, compared with most others.

I had to Google that. I think it certainly represents an advance in the spelling of words related to SZ treatment.