Lumateperone And insurance

Does nobody know how soon this drug will become available to medi-cal insurance?

I have private insurance and we’re gonna have to fight for it once it’s out end of March. Medi-cal is like Medicaid right? Your doc is gonna have to do a whole lot of paperwork, and it’ll probably still be turned down. And if you have insurance, you can’t apply for patient assistance from the company.

Your doctor knows what they have to fill out, get them started on it now, but don’t sign or date it until the med is on market. You cannot fill those papers out, the doctor has to.

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That’s what I like to hear
That’s very helpful information!
Thank you!
So it’s being released end of March huh?
I thought it was going to be released beginning of March…
Do I wonder what the chances are of fighting for it and getting the insurance to pay for it are…

You’ll probably have to try and fail on a certain number of other medications before it will get approved by state insurance.

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It may sound weird but the voices have told me that typical is better than atypical drugs.

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