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What’s up guys? How’s it going?

I had a rough day for some reason. Intense intrusive thoughts I haven’t had for a while.
Maybe I was too stressed.

I had to work non-stop today till 2:00 pm then took my car and drove to the mall to return a foundation I bought. I noticed the difference in pricing was not very big between it cosmetics CC cream and Chanel CC cream and the Chanel is not of this world. So I went and bought Chanel CC cream. I paid a fortune for it but I will use this for special daytime occasions.

Yesterday I bought Chanel bronzer. I was searching for it for such a long time, the people who work for Chanel do not know their products. Maybe because the girl did not understand the word bronzer in English :unamused:

I am so tired right now.


I wish you well. Hope your husband will do well.


It seems my dad is responding very well to chemotherapy.


Hi @mermaid1.

Nice to see ya online.

I was having some bad depression/and anxiety for the past few days. But today I am feeling much better. :slight_smile:

I start my classes next Monday!



yeah I understand. I had a rough day myself. It just fluctuates I guess.
We need to keep going.

What are you going to study?


Yeah I think it fluctuates for a lot of people.

I’m studying computer science :slight_smile: .


Good luck. Hope you enjoy your classes!



You look great in your pictures and the video was fantastic,

I really want that subscription now!


Lol yeah I love these beauty subscriptions because you get a lot for much less basically. And they use very popular products. :slight_smile:

@goldenrex you can use this link to get 10$ off your first beauty box so you pay 39.99


I like your accent, very charming! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks @freakonaleash people seem to like it, I feel a little weird about it.
I don’t know what it sounds like. I always thought I had no accent.


I had some green tea and feeling a little better.

I am tired I guess after working too much. Last week was very busy, I did not have any time to clean the apartment, the whole week till Friday 4:00 pm

I will be home all day everyday till Friday this week. So tomorrow morning I’ll finish most pending work then I have to do a photoshoot for Instagram, then do some production work.

I checked my Instagram rate, so I can actually charge a business 60US$ for each post I make. I am anxious to get this moving by June.


I wanted to comment a day ago but did not get a chance.

I think following your gut is the best thing to do. Sometimes it happens, you like someone while others don’t.

I understand because I liked someone others would be repelled from for real. But I still like him. Not sure how healthy a relationship would be if I was actually in a relationship with him, it won’t happen anyway but I would’ve liked to try if I was single.

So if you like him, go for it. Remember to set boundaries, because, from your picture you are really petite, I don’t understand why a guy would want you to be skinnier. It feels a little controlling, so make sure you set red flags for yourself/boundaries so you can actually know what to do if something bad happens.


Just watched a video of a guy shoot himself…:face_vomiting:


Was that the politician who put a revolver to the roof of his mouth?


It was disgusting.

But no.


If you really want disgusting look up Mr. Hands and his horse. :slight_smile:




First day of work went ok! I am a little tired now. I think the kid I got was extra nice to me because she wanted me to stay. We had a fun recess and lunch and only the studying during the beginning was hard. The best part is that by 1:30 in the afternoon, she is already packed to leave and I’m not too exhausted just yet. I hope I can keep this job and not burn out by the end of the week. New guy still wants me to loose weight. Turning into a red flag. Old guy still can’t live without me. I will have to give up going to lunch with the debate team and watching a movie with friends next week. But at least I will go to women’s support group on Friday after work! Hopefully I will at least get the bitches (friends) and money problem somewhat sorted out!


That is awful! I can not believe the video is available! This is horrible!