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if you want…to unzip…my sweaterrrr…


si quieres destruir mi sueter


jala esta cuerda mientras me alejo


money money money mooney…MUHN-AYY!


I have my psychiatry appointment with my nurse practitioner in about an hour. I hope she listens this time.




i saw my psychiatrist today, got prescribed the orally disintegrating olanzapine tablets, the pharmacy doesnt have it but is ordering it so i will get it tomorrow, i guess today will be my last day taking the regular olanzapine tablets because i will start taking the orally disintegrating ones tomorrow when i get them


Dose got doubled today. I guess I’ll listen and see if that helps. We also discussed an anti-anxiety medication for later after I get somewhat stable. I disagree that we should go that route (waiting), but whatever. I guess my anxiety isn’t that big of a deal. :expressionless:


Ugh, I’m doing kind of crappy in one of my courses(I barely passed the last assignment). If the rest of the program is like this then I might consider a change in programs. I don’t know what I’d study though. Ideally, I would like to work home. I’m going to review the rest of the course material and see if finishing it is still doable.


So my new med for sleep is going to be 200 mg of Seroquel. Apparently there aren’t many drugs for sleep that don’t have nasal congestion or urinary tract side effects that aren’t Remeron.

At first I thought the dosage was a bit much and might hurt my weight loss efforts, but I was on 10 mg Zyprexa and 100 mg of Trazadone. So at least I’m cutting back on the number of drugs I take.
I haven’t been on Seroquel for years. I don’t think it particularly made me hungry. It apparently has less instances of weight gain than Zyprexa.

If I can reduce how often I get sinus infections, that’ll be awesome. I kind of hope the Rexulti AM, Seroquel PM combo will further help my positives even though Seroquel never helped that by itself.


Spiel mit mir

Ein Spiel




Compton Has Fallen

Was the title of a movie I saw on tv lmao


i wanna be the very best, that no one ever was


to catch them is my real test, to train them is my cause


Gotta catch em all


My husband’s surgery went well,

He’s in bed resting.

Its going to be tough for a little bit with us both recovering, but I’m doing much better and feel like I can do most the household chores.

Oy vey, 2018 has been a weird year thus far.


Glad to hear please keep us updated. How is your pair of matching luggage treating you?


Still sore,

But getting better every day!


Good luck to you and your husband xo


I’m sorry that your hurting @sohare1981
Things will better for you.
I’m sure.

Hang in there.