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Just enjoying a hot soak and music. All is right in the world when I am encased in water


Ugh I am in trouble. Last night I went out with the new guy I talked about and it went really really well, at least for me. He wants me to loose weight tho after I showed him my pre-illness pics. I really wanna break up with my old bf but he will go insane. I will go insane. Debate tournament was fun and the kids said they can’t wait for me to sub for them!

Here is a pic of me as a kid pre illness and on the debate team, for example…
I have a headache… :frowning: Work starts tomorrow as a parapro tutor. I should try to loose weight if I am to keep this new guy. But all I want is bubble tea and some time off…


Have you lost your brain?

Some new guy tells you to lose weight and you’re on board with it?


No to all that.

My real advice to you is to stop dating and pull your life together.

Its hard to find someone else when you don’t even know yourself.


IMO, this is a huge red flag. This new guy could be a narcissistic self-absorbed jerk. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


He’s a loser. Keep walking.


I don’t think it is wrong. I may be putting it the wrong way, but he is definitely a nice guy, lol. In fact I have never dated a jerk and am not too worried I ever will. No one was ever mean to me before… He talks to me every day and tells me good morning and good night. I just wanna loose weight anyways. He will be happy. :blush: And he likes me either way.


Girl, you don’t owe anyone weight loss but yourself, so just make sure you’re doing it for you. I don’t like to see girls worry about their weight because of a partner; I had two partners pressure me into weight loss (one on the more extreme end with forcefully changing my diet). So just be careful, okay? :blush:


Oh, wow.

I don’t even know what to say.

Good luck,

You need it.


Well, I think if you would feel better losing weight then that should be the main reason you do it.

I know I feel better having lost weight regardless of someone else’s opinion.

So long as it’s not excessive weight loss lol.


I’m gonna mirror the others and say that it is a major red flag that he’s like this already. I had guys be like that immediately, and the relationship fell apart within a month because he started nitpicking other things about me that weren’t up to his standards. You should probably be careful with dating this guy if you should be dating him at all (and I am with the others that you should walk).


I just got back from walmart. I nice lady thanked me for my service, and I shook her hand to show her how much I appreciated the nice gesture.

I feel a little better now that I got out of my apartment.


I love that she did that,

My dad always told me to thank men in uniform, as he’s military himself.

I think I got a little desensitized living on base, but I should really get back into the habit.

Happy you got out and had a positive experience!


Idk I will take into consideration dumping him but honestly he is really nice, lol. And I really think he is pretty interesting. He likes German language, he can sing pretty well… He is a bit weird! I know that isn’t everything in a relationship but I like that weirdness lol. In other words I’m starting to like him.

So I guess what everyone is saying is that I should date neither guys? Maybe that is something to consider!


Seems like Sodium Benzoate does more for me than sarcosine. On my second day of .5 grams. I skipped a day of Sodium Benzoate. I’m taking 4g of sarcosine.

I tried 1gram of Sodium Benzoate and it stimulated me too much.


Well we could discuss this weight loss over a a sub :stuck_out_tongue: :rofl:



I’m having pizza tonight :pizza:


That looks like a great sandwich to be honest. Would not pass that up.


Getting back into the gym, again.
Yesterday, I had a white out panic attack, while the lady was discussing the membership and showing me around.
I felt better after 40 minutes on the elliptical and stretching, though.
Today I walked there and then realized I forgot my gym shoes, so I just walked and around for an hour and then went home. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be a little bit smarter.


Congrats on keeping at the gym! I believe you’ve posted this several times already? Very good at being consistent! Congrats to you!


That must have been a very long time ago, because I haven’t been to the gym in forever.
Unless you’re mixing me up with someone else.
I have been walking lots aging doing home workouts, but not the gym, in over a year at least.